What do you get if you cross a Rubik's Cube with a Hot Rod ?

The Answer is "Rubik's Rod" by Andy Clockwise.

A mixed up Rubik's Rod is shown consisting of 6 coloured cubes, Orange, White, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. A colour is selected by a spectator and with a quick shake, one side of the Rubik's Rod is now solved with the chosen colour. Rubik's Rod can now be mixed up and the effect repeated - with a DIFFERENT colour.

Easy to do. Great for Children and Adults. Quick reset. Free choice of colour AND repeatable with a different colour. Takes up very little pocket space. It's Fun and puzzling.


Twistable, Repeatable, Magical Fun!!!


Hot Rod with Twist!!!

"I have just finished playing around with the Rubik's Rod. It really is a leap forward from the conventional Hot Rod as it addresses many of the problems associated with something that an audience could never really identify with. The Rubik's rod looks like it could be a genuine puzzle and the audience
will accept it for that. They will also accept that as a magician you can perform a magic trick with the puzzle and line up on one side, what is in their minds, a freely chosen colour. Well done for dragging the Hot rod into the Twenty first Century and for finally giving this type of effect some credibility in the eyes of the audience. I do hope it has the success it richly deserves".
Pat Fallon - International Magician and Illusionist M.I.M.C.


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For any questions or further enquiries, please feel free to contact Andy Clockwise by email: andyclockwise@btinternet.com

Rubik's ® used by permission of Seven Towns Limited